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On Engineering R&D, we have integrated chemical engineering, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering for production and development of related products, and we start from basic theories to development of market-oriented products. We pride ourselves in design control processes with meticulous emphasis on design verification and validation through product test techniques such as mattress interface pressure, structural FEA analysis, and noise/vibration control..etc. We are also capable of performing these tests in-house.
Computerized Fabric Analyzer
Fabric Strength Test.
Controlled by advance computer system to record the test result for analysis.

Various accessories available for individual test requirement.
Friction Analyzer
Fabric friction can be measured by  Analyzer.  Higher friction fabric can be used for anti-slip covers.
By measuring fabric weight for better quality controlling on material.
Bursting Strength Tester
Testing top cover for water-proof ability.
Strength Burst Tester
Testing fabric knitting density and strength.


Climate and Moisture Control Tester
For better understanding influences on material under simulated  environment.
Climate and Moisture Control Tester Example
Normal test
Abnormal test
Materials can be separated undamaged through boiling process for further analysis.
Vibration Tester
Product noise improvement can be analyzed from collecting vibration frequencies.
Data can be output to computer for anylising.
Pressure Analyzer
Pressure distribution of a patient can be easily shown by Pressure Analyzer.
Anechoic Chamber
Anechoic Chamber provides precise environment for testing noise and vibration.
Precisely pin point out source of noise and vibration.